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Posterior Onlay/Overlay Course

2 Day Course               >75% HANDS ON

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  • Decision making Process

  • Preparation Designs

  • Clinical tips on improving preparation designs

  • Bur kits to use

  • Immediate Dentine Sealing (IDS)

  • Deep Margin Elevation (DME)


  • 4 hands on preparation for conventional gold onlays and E-max onlays

  • Putty stents for temporisation and preparation guides

  • Feedback using digital technology (intra oral 3D-scanners)



  • Impression taking vs Digital scanning

  • How to make well fitting and long lasting temporaries

  • Isolation

  • Bonding protocols

  • Activation of IDS



  • 4 hands on preparation for adhesive gold onlays and E-max onlays (8 preps in two days)

  • Temporary onlays: delegates can make up to 8 temporary onlays 

  • Rubber dam isolation for bonding single and multiple units

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