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Occlusion Course
with LIVE patients

3-day course           >75% Hands On

Course Dates and Costings:     Click Here


  • 5 hours of theory videos sent before the course to watch. Delegates are required to watch this before attending the course.

  • Lecture Handouts and Folders

  • 24-hour CPD

  • A simplified approach to understanding Occlusion in your practice

  • Refreshments and Hot Lunch

  • Hands-on Sessions on each day

  • Unlimited advice and support for all our delegates

  • All laboratory work used in the course is provided by Mr. Hit Parmar, Fine Art Dental Studio


  • Improving your day to day dentistry 

  • Terminology 

  • Anterior Guidance

  • Assessing occlusion on patients 

  • Facebow

  • TMJ and Muscles of mastication

  • Prepping the last tooth in the arch

  • Communication with the laboratory 

  • How to reduce/eliminate adjustments when doing fillings and crowns 


Hands-On (Live patients)

  • Record occlusion

  • Record CRCP

  • Facebow

  • Palpating Muscles of Mastication


  • Understanding Centric Relation (CR)

  • Understanding Jaw Position and its relevance to dentistry

  • Ways to record CR:

    • leaf gauge,

    • lucia jig

  • Denar and Kois Facebow

  • Understanding different types of splints, their indications, limitation and uses 

  • Theory on Articulators

  • Case discussions on single and multiple unit dentistry


Hands-On (Live patients)

  • Facebow 

  • Centric relation 

  • Communication with the laboratory


  • ACE ethos

  • Digital Splints

  • Managing interferences

  • Translating the CR to managing TSL cases 

  • Occlusion in relation to Periodontics

  • Occlusion in relation to Endodontics

  • Occlusion in relation to dentures

  • Occlusion in relation to Implants 

  • Digital dentistry and occlusion 

  • Case discussions: Managing multidisciplinary cases

  • Occlusal adjustment

Hands-On (Live patients)

  • Fitting and adjusting michigan splints on live patients

  • Wax up exercise

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  • All bookings are taken on a first come first serve basis

  • The booking fees are non-refundable and non-transferable

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