Occlusion - 3 Day Course - With Live Patients

Friday, 17 September '21   3 days (18th + 25th September 2021)

Centre Of Dental Excellence, 52 Church Road, Stanmore, HA7 4AH




• Simplifying the principles of occlusion, including definitions
• Assessing and applying Occlusion in every day dentistry
• How to record occlusion in clinical records
• Assessing the TMJ and muscles of mastication.
• Recording Centric Relation
• Splints - Indications and fabrication of a Michigan Splint
• How and when to use the Facebow
• How these principles can be translated to clinical practice for simple, moderate and advanced cases
including tooth wear cases.




• TMJ examination
• Occlusal examination
• Centric relation registration using an anterior jig (Lucia jig)
• Facebow records
• Communication with Laboratory: writing laboratory prescriptions and Technicians presenting
their views on how to improve communication with the laboratory
• Fitting and adjusting a Michigan Splint
• How to manage common clinical scenarios:
• Excess overjet, anterior open bites, deep overbites
• Occlusal Trauma
• Occlusion in relation to the Periodontics and Endodontics
• Preparing the last molar tooth in the arch
• Cuspal protection of teeth with large direct restoration
• How to manage interferences
• Occlusion in relation to bridges: guidance, cementing high
• Implant Occlusion

Choosing the correct Restorative Materials to avoid failures




• Lecture Handouts and Folders
• 24-hour CPD
• A simplified approach to understanding Occlusion in your practice
• Refreshments and Hot Lunch
• Hands-on Sessions at each day
• Unlimited advice for all our delegates

OCCLUSION (3 DAYS) – 17th, 18th, 25th SEPTEMBER 2021